A step-by-step guide to ordering personalised wallpaper

A step-by-step guide to ordering personalised wallpaper

Customising your wallpaper allows one to decorate with freedom and allows your creativity to soar. Turn that bland wall in your home or office into a masterpiece with a personalised design.

Designing your very own custom wallpaper allows one to express your individual tastes.

You can choose to use one of your own high-res photographs or a pattern you’ve created or use our handy guide below on sourcing images from Shutterstock.

How to use Shutterstock to find an image:

2) Sign in – create a free account – this will make things easier when you want to see the image details

3) Type in what you are looking for in the search bar

4) If you page down you will be able to select the next page of images

5) Select the image type as vectors, these are “drawings” and can be printed to any size

6) Photos need to be Large or XL to print without any pixilation – we require for a minimum of 300dpi.

7) Select an image you like and ensure you make note of the ID number.

8) Do not download the image - just make note of the ID. If you download – you have to pay for it. We will download your chosen Shutterstock image when we print your wallpaper.

9) Send the image ID number or shared link to sales@sasiwallpaper.co.za along with the width and height of the wall. We can then quote you on printing of the image.

Using your own pictures or designs:

1) The image needs to be a vector file or a high-resolution picture – 300 dpi.

2) A professional photographer will be able to assist with a high-resolution picture.

Other things to note:

Furniture in front of the picture, especially headboards – the height of these must be taken into account so that you don’t cut off any important parts.

You can either choose to do the installation yourself or you can use one of our recommended installers.

Alternatively, please contact us if you have any questions or queries or feel free to stop by our showroom for any assistance.