How Does Sasi Wallpaper Sell Wallpaper?

How Does Sasi Wallpaper Sell Wallpaper?

Sasi Wallpaper sells different sized rolls of wallpaper, find all the information on how we sell it to you right here!

How is wallpaper sold? This is a question that we at Sasi Wallpaper often get asked by clients who are just discovering the world of wallpaper. Wallpaper is sold in rolls, also called bolts, and can be purchased in single and double and sometimes even triple bolts. The first thing to know is that some countries still use inches and feet to confuse us even more, so we’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible and stuck to metric. Basically we love the KIS theory at Sasi Wallpaper- Keep It Simple.

Wallpaper is produced in rolls and these rolls vary in size, depending on where they are made and for what application. We term the most common roll as standard rolls, these are 52cm wide and 10m in length, which makes the roll approximately 5m². A USA roll is slightly different at 68.6cm wide and 8.23m in length, equating to 5.6m². Recently a new size roll has been made which combines the wider USA roll coupled with the longer standard roll, resulting in a 6.8m² roll. And finally, we also stock larger rolls from 15m² on a roll to 65m². The 15m² is becoming more commonly used in residential homes, see our Anka range of papers, but traditionally the larger rolls are used for contract (business and hotels).

To sum up the size of rolls available on our website:

Standard Roll – 52cm x 10m

USA Roll – 68.6cm x 8.23

Standard Extra Length – 68.6cm x 10m

Extra Large – 1,06m x 15m

Why is this important to know? This is because it makes it that much easier for you to work out how many rolls of wallpaper you will need to meet your interior design needs. But don’t worry too much about the arithmetics of it all as we are on hand to help you do this. When you call us or pop into the showroom all you have to do is bring along your measurements and we will calculate how many rolls you need. All you have to do is take the width of the wall and the height and remember to take into account the skirtings and the cornices and we’ll do everything else! We look forward to chatting to you and assisting with your choice of wallpaper. For more information on wallpaper contact us on 011 262 4202 or 011 262 4948 or visit our website for more information

We hope this information has been helpful.