Sasi Wallpaper Turns Eight!

Sasi Wallpaper Turns Eight!

This year Sasi Wallpaper turns eight, and we are happy to celebrate with you!

Everyone loves their birthday, and Sasi Wallpaper is no different. Sasi turns 8 years old on the 25th of March and to celebrate, we are having an amazing in-store give away on our birthday, with awesome prizes to be won. What is happening at our Kramerville showroom on the 25th of March is that we will have 25 balloons floating around for our clients to burst. 8 of these balloons will contain prizes of different discount amounts, redeemable online or in-store. One of the 8 balloons holds the grand prize- any wallpaper, available in-store, of your choice! So why not come down to our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton, on the 25th of March 2017 and pop some balloons, whilst we pop some bubbly and say cheers to eight fabulous years in the decorating business?

Over the years, our Sasi clients have become braver with their colour and design choices, with so many more people choosing wallpaper over paint. To date there is no single product that can give a room a complete face lift like wallpaper and that is the reason why we love this design element so much.

Sasi Wallpaper was started in 2009 by Samantha Nortje and Taryn Kirby, who were looking to provide adventurous interior decorators with fabulous wallpapers. Because it’s our birthday soon, we sat down with these lovely ladies for a chat about Sasi and why they love wallpaper so much. Here is what they had to say:

Why are you passionate about wallpaper?
Sam: I love what wallpaper can do for a room. You can change nothing else in a room and it will immediately create a warm, inviting and exciting space.

Taryn: My passion for wallpaper lies in the design aspect of wallpaper and how it adds texture to a room instantly. Wallpaper also has a huge element of surprise for South Africans in that it is relatively new as a freely available product in SA. I feel like we are cutting edge. That makes me passionate.

What makes Sasi Wallpaper so sassy?
S: Us. We are able to assist our clients, we ensure we understand what they want, we know our products and we really hold their hand throughout the process.

T: It’s an owner run business and the buck stops with us. We are dedicated to the service of our clients and go the extra mile. We offer a wallpaper experience not just a sale.

What is your favourite print from the Sasi range?
S: It changes, but I love the new beaded paintables (still to be launched) and I am in love with the Mayflower ranges. I want to change my whole home!

T: I’m an Aquarian. I can’t. Seriously. I change wallpaper in my home monthly. I love all wallpaper.

What is your favourite decorating tip for DIY-ers?
S: Don’t be scared. If you are putting wallpaper up, make it worthwhile. Most importantly ensure your walls are well prepared and don’t install it yourself.

T: If you are going to wallpaper make it look like wallpaper! Take a chance step out of your comfort zone.

Why wallpaper? Isn’t paint so much easier to apply or maintain?
S: Wallpaper lasts about 5-7 years but we have clients who have had the same wallpaper for 10 year – 20 years. Paint you are redoing every 3 – 5 years. I love paint, you cannot do without it. But it cannot do what wallpaper does. They go hand in hand, and we have paintable wallpaper which we use paint to coat it.

T: You can’t possibly achieve with paint what wallpaper can do for a space. It creates interest, texture and is always changing with latest design coming out regularly.

Sasi turns 8 on the 25th of March, what are you hopes for the business moving forward?
S: We are very excited with our growth in by appointing Agents. We cannot be everywhere and we feel the people representing the Sasi brand need to be as passionate. We have an Agent in Swaziland, Linda who is a wonderful partner and we have one in Cape Town. We have recently appointed an Agent in Randburg and soon our East Rand agent will be opening.

Our website assists clients outside the Gauteng area and we are adding products onto our site all the time.

We are also in the process of producing wallpaper catalogues for the Architect and Developer for larger projects.

T: I would like Samantha to retire please?

Sasi Wallpaper is what the name says- sassy. Our wallpaper is exciting, fresh and original and we love helping our clients find the right style for their home. Come by our showroom on the 25th of March and join us in celebrating the business that we adore!