Selecting a Wall to Wallpaper

Selecting a Wall to Wallpaper

There is no absolute rule when it comes to choosing the correct wall to wallpaper.

So now that you’re considering wallpapering your home or office the big question of which wall to select will come up. Which is the best wall to wallpaper? There is no hard and fast rule to this question; sometimes one wall in a room will stand out as the obvious choice, other times any wall can work. So how do you choose? Or should you simply wallpaper all the walls in the room?

When selecting a feature wall or statement wall to wallpaper it is important to consider which wall you notice first when you walk into the room. Your eye should settle onto this wall easily. To do this we recommend spending a few minutes in the room- is it still the wall that your eye is drawn to? This may be difficult to do if the room has a lot of clutter. Most of us spend our lives gathering bits and pieces of furniture and art and “stuff” and putting it in places because we have it. So, a good suggestion is to clean out the rubbish or place it in a storage for a day or two to get a clearer view of the room.

Designers and decorators usually work around a focal point; wallpaper is going to create this focal point. This means that you don’t want to have other items in the room that will have the eye of your guest bouncing all over the show. This will make the room feel too busy and not relaxing. If you have a fireplace or headboard which automatically create a focal point, this will be the wall to paper.

As accent wall provides the room with an immediate focus, often this is the wall opposite the door that allows you enter a room. Wallpapered feature walls will assist you to anchor the space and bring the room together, giving the space immediate warmth.

Accent or feature walls don’t have to scream at you with pattern or colour. The gentleness of some wallpapers is enough to create interest or sophistication to a space. Some of our clients are concerned with the wallpaper being too busy, or they don’t want to get bored of the wallpaper or start to dislike it after a period. If you want a feature wall, it must be exactly that- a feature. There is no point in wallpapering a wall that fades into nothing.

If, however, you intend on wallpapering all the walls of a room then subtle is the ideal way to go. A gentle, single toned wallpaper is a wonderful way of encasing your room in elegance and warmth and wallpaper with a sheen creates a feeling of indulgence.

If you would like to create an impact with wallpaper, we recommend doing so in one of the guest bathrooms. This is room where you can go-wild as it is the one room you don’t “live” in. Make it a master piece, do colour, do pattern, do all the walls, just make it the “wow did you see the guest bathroom” space.

If you need assistance with your walls, pop into our showroom with pictures or videos of the space you want to decorate.

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