What Wallpaper Can Do

What Wallpaper Can Do

Wallpaper is a quick alternative to transform any space, take a look at what it can do.

If there is one thing that we believe at Sasi, it’s that wallpaper can make difference in any space, no matter how large or small the area. To show you just what wallpaper can achieve, Sasi Wallpaper recently undertook an installation, using our Red Rustic Bricks Wallpaper, that completely changed the look of a kitchen space.

Here are some pictures of the space after the addition of wallpaper-



As you can see, the Red Rustic Bricks Wallpaper brings in an earthy and natural feeling to the revamped kitchen area and the high quality of image of the bricks makes it almost impossible to tell that wallpaper is used. Only when one gets an up-close look at the walls and the melamine kitchen island, do you realise that wallpaper has been utilised and not real brick.

Sasi Wallpaper has a whole host of wallpapers that will meet any kind of taste and match any kind of décor that is desired whether it is for your home or office space.